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About Us

FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN full-service marketing and advertising agency, gives creative and innovative services to all clients, based on the knowledge and experience of its staff.

FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN agency gives the best services to brand owners through its professional creative teams and creates added value for businesses through following the latest trends and modern advertising and communication technologies. In this way, FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN provides an integrated and comprehensive solution to respond to all Iranian and foreign clients’ needs in the local and foreign markets.


– Become an ideal advertising, marketing, and branding agency in MENA region.
– Become a consultant services in the field of advertising with the help of technological ideas.
– Using paramount technologies for effective progression of customers’ name in the market.
– Creating new and attractive ideas and high quality performance .


– Providing effective marketing and advertising services for customers’ strategic aims.
– Market research and using innovative and bright ideas for customers’ progress.
-Creating bilateral constant relations based on partnership, responsibility, mutual perception and honesty.
– Increasing customers’ satisfaction.
– Media development
– Enhancing the quality of services and products
– Consolidation and enhancement of FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN brand
– Enhancing the quality of cultural and social values in FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN ’s advertisements.
– Decreasing the usage of energy and natural resources as well as protecting the environment
– Enhancing and creating satisfaction among personnel
– Increasing the level of knowledge and skills in human resources


– Efficiency
– Commitment
– Creativity
– Team work
– Continuous learning
– Constant growth
– Meritocracy
– Customer orientation


FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN advertising company started its work from 2004. On that timeو FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN was just able to provide some limited services. But gradually, with the completion of its services, since 2007, FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN turned to a holistic and integrated agency over 4 years.
Since then, each year FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN MarCom agency tried to move forward on the path of a sustainable growth by fulfillment of its abilities, improvement in the quality of its services and increasing the number of customers.

FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN ’s continuous growth is tied to its ability to provide an ever-expanding list of services to its largest clients.

The number of employees had a constant increase. These people are working in different specialized departments. After a decade of continuous value creation for stakeholders, FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN agency creates customized marketing programs for many of the world’s largest companies through comprehensive services. FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN agency helps clients to build brands, to increase the selling rate of their products and services and also to gain the market share.

Advertisement Industry Background

Just like other countries in the world, advertising in Iran was probably as simple as peddlers promoting their goods to the crowed in the street. Printing industry changed the face of advertisement. With the entrance of printer to Iran and publishing the first newspaper in Qajar era, press advertisements gradually found their way into publications. Thus advertising trends found its way into Iranian media through wall-mount and consequently by periodicals, books, cinema, radio and finally to the television.
The first newspaper in Iran which attempt to publish an ad was “event newspaper” in 1887.

Quality Policy

FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN tries to increase the quality of its services according to the requirements of quality management system of ISO 9001:2008, in order to improve the customer’s level of satisfaction. Therefore ,by attracting the attention of all members in FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN Group to the fundamental principles and purposes stated below, to achieve new standards in advertising industry:
– We’re going to use all of the scientific, technical and ethical experiences to increase the quality of our available services.
– Commitment, responsibility, loyalty, sustainable growth and creativity is five major traits of all FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN members.
– The most important principle at FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN agency, is the ability to understand the customer’s concerns, provide effective solutions, dedications and support to achieve an honest interaction platform.
– distinguishing FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN ’s clients in the market, besides bringing satisfaction to the clients, it is what makes values for this agency. Based on this main idea, FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN tries to increase the quality of its services and have a continuous improvement trend in service delivery in order to make profit and enhance market share.
– Educated and effective human resource is what we rely on to provide the best quality in our services. Therefore, expanding the human resources and improving the working skills is the main purpose of enhancing productivity and offering services in FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN full service agency.
– Being dynamic and having continuous and targeted training is one of the principles we are committed to in FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN Group ,to increase FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN members’ capabilities .
– We consider an equal result for all the stakeholders, including the partners, clients, shareholders, suppliers and the society in all of our activities.
– In addition to respecting all the norms and sociocultural requirements in all of our works, raising the culture of announcement is another factor that we take in to consideration.
– Public health and compliance on all the environmental requirements with eliminating the all types of pollution, is one of the main principles in FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN Service’s achievement Chain.
– FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN Agency never hesitates to allocate adequate financial and fundamental resources to make developments in the quality of services.
– FARHIKHTEGAN HONAR AZIN would always try to improve the quality of the services , make the best results for clients and to be known as a valuable brand in advertising industry not only in Iran but also in the world, so that it can make financial and intellectual added values for all the clients.


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