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Brand is a collection of name, design, logo or logo type that can belong to a natural or legal person, with all intellectual and substantial characteristics that are tied to a service, product, personality, institution or even a movement. Anything under the name of brand including processes, customs, behavior and organization’s literature all the way to the content and executive outputs must follow macro policies and brand strategy.

Branding activities may be formed due to new brand creation or brand’s corrections. Therefore, an advertising agency like Azin by its knowledge, profound perception and experiences is able to develop branding strategies for any product or service.

Through market research, a perception will be created for clarifying brand’s objectives, market circumstances, precise recognition of target audiences regarding their lifestyle, media habits and subsequently creating values for brand and its business.

Designing the brand’s strategy includes a group of activities such as understanding the importance of brands’ longevity by stable and targeted methods as well as using a specific path for tasks’ advancement via proper context in order to achieve brand’s goals and success.

Therefore, activities such as brand development, brand architecture, naming, social interaction and corporate citizenship are done to create added value and positive effects for the brand in and outside of the country.

In order to create a better brand image in audience mind, different tools such as innovative ideas, content, visual and verbal identity, message, a distinct users’ experience of the brand are being used. One of the most important concepts of this section is related to visual and verbal identity which is known as corporate identity (CI) and it is define as “creating brand borders for presenting in various types of media to create distinct, memorable and salient identity in the market which will eventually cause a profound communication with brand audiences.”

Azin full service advertising agency has an especial focus on strategic brand management in order to achieve all branding objectives. Since brand management acts as a bridge between company goals and brand’s strategy, planning strategy is an essential point in brand management. Azin advertising agency with profound perception of branding knowledge, successful practical experiences and by using professional team has advanced its different branding sections in a right and principled way to bring the desired outcome and satisfaction for its customers.

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