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Public Relation

Public relation is a form of marketing communications. This unit is looking forward to create connections with organizations’ beneficiaries, media, and public society. Organizations and people need public relations and it is better to pay special attention to public relations in all activities. The advantage of public relations is transferring message credibility to audiences which is far more than credibility of advertising messages.

Nowadays our world is full of advertisements that are popping up on our way in different ways but this will shorten the attention’s threshold and forms a negative perspective toward advertising in public. Digital advertising is the new generation of ads in virtual space and it has another dimension which is public relations.

Marketers use public relations as an impression on companies, nonprofit organizations, trademarks, politicians and generally celebrities.

This section provides services to achieve popularity and trying to maintain it. Such as:

  • Reportspreparation for publications and NEWS.

  • Internal public relationswith the aim of communicating with company personnel and make the personnel aware of company goals and activities

  • Connectionswith investors especially public companies

  • Leverage or bargain to convince governmental officials to pass or not to pass specific regulations

  • Preparing speech notes for company’s chief officers

  • Introducing corporate identity (CI) which transfers organization’s massage by creating a positive image in audiences’ mind by public relation’s professionals through monitoring on company’s logo or product designing, brochure and etc.

  • Create connections with media for correct and positive NEWS coverage of company performances especially at the time of confronting gossip and negative news.

  • Financial sponsoringfor important events in order to show brand’s presence and popularity in society that subsequently brings more loyalty for the organization.

  • Guidanceand consultation are other important services of this section because PR activities are widespread and dominant on all internal and external dimensions of the organization that turn public relations to the best consultant for chief officers and people.

Public relation has a vital role in creating and maintaining desired image of organizations, crisis management and responding to situations in the shortest time in cyberspace, newspapers and conferences.

Therefore, PR involvement is the best solution to minimise the catastrophic damage. Azin advertising agency with the help of its professional PR team, tries to provide all services to its customers in order to have an effective connection with the main customers of the brand.

Moreover, Azin agency will try to establish its position in Iranian market by rebranding and increasing customers’ awareness about the brand.

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