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Industrial Designer


Graphic design of an advertising agency, is a subcategory of design, visual communications and communicational designing. In an advertising agency, graphic design activities are done with the help knowledge and principles of design and always tries to solve a problem with providing a visual solution.

Graphic designers use various methods for creating and mixing words, symbols and pictures in order to create a visual display from ideas to message.

Graphic designer may use a mix of typography, visual arts, and layout designing techniques for producing the final results. Overall, it could be said that graphic design means to create and manage a collection of visual factors for expressing a concept, message and information toward a precise aim.

The definition of the graphic design art has been changed and updated during time according to expectations and tastes of customers or even social, cultural and political changes. Hence being up to date in this era is the most important factor of success. Due to the expansion of social networks and changes in the nature of selling and purchasing, new procedures and demands are forming.

Therefore, the graphic design atelier of Azin full service advertising agency with years of experience provides the following activities which are in accordance with new procedures:

  • Designing the “Brand Book” of the organization 

  • Designing website graphic designs

  • Designing logo, logo type and pictogram 

  • Designing poster, catalogue, advertising brochures, press and magazines layouts 

  • Designing point of sale advertising tools like poster, dangler, sticker, and etc.

  • Designing Billboards for advertising

  • Designing product packagingand image designing

  • Designing characters

Graphic unit is the most effective section of Azin advertising agency that always tries to follow world latest knowledge and procedures with the help of artistic managers and professional graphic designers.

Azin graphic design team aims to satisfy customers and provide the best services through creating innovative and beautiful designs and advertisements by following the world’s latest standards.

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