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Video Recording


Nowadays with advancement of technology, we are witnessing a new generation of advertising in the form of digital and online. It is predicted that traditional ways of advertisements such as TV, radio, printed, etc., are fading over time.

However, watching TV is still the most popular and comfortable choice of public at their leisure time. Therefore, films or teasers are still the most important and effective way of advertising for attracting audiences, informing about a new product, changes and reminding of a product.

An advertising teaser can be more effective, exciting and create last longing effect in audiences’ mind compare to other tools due to its audio, visual, and emotional abilities for communicating.

Azin production group has a lot of experience in producing TV and Radio teasers and it is also equipped with the most advanced production tools and equipment. This unit with its professional and experienced team, is taking a step forward in producing the most creative and highest quality of TV and radio ads based on their knowledge regarding the market in Iran.

Azin advertising agency production team with a holistic and effective interaction provides services including all steps of consulting, creating idea, designing and executing in order to provide world class services and can compete with the best brands while satisfies its customers too.

These services are:

- Producing Radio and TV ads, Industrial video, TV shows and short film

- Video shooting, video editing, and dubbing services

- Animation, Graphic motion and special visual effects

- Music composing, Editing, and voice filtering

- Film dubbing

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